Eco-Friendly Date Ideas For the Eco-Friendly Couples Out There!

Hey there all my hippie peeps out there! As we all know, a big part of being a hippie includes being eco-friendly! Duh! So, when you want to go do something with your significant other, but also want to help the earth, or at least not hurt it, what do you do?? Here are some eco-friendly, hippie-friendly date ideas for you to try out!

  1. Beach day! – Go to the beach with your lover and pack a lunch! Bring reusable silver wear and a lunch in your eco-friendly Tupper wear and enjoy the sand and sun out at the beach! Just make sure to bring all your trash home, or extra challenge: Try to have little to no trash! Can you? Try it out!
  2. Beach clean up! – This could totally be paired with #1 but go to the beach and try to clean up trash together! Those sand sifters only do so much! Keep our beaches clean and enjoy time together making a positive impact! You could also do this on hiking trails, parks, and other places with high amounts of trash!
  3. Stargazing! – What a better way to enjoy a night than to go be dazzled by the millions of stars in the galaxy! Find a nice spot somewhere and gaze at those crazy balls of energy and gas! Just make sure you pick up all your trash!
  4. Bike Ride! – Bike rides are super healthy for you and your partner, get blood flowing, gets you some sun, and is just a great way to spend the day! Try not to bring anything that may end up as litter, or be responsible about snack trash, and enjoy a day on the trail!
  5. Go have organic beer, wine, and food! – There are tons of organic restaurants around California (where I’m from) and I’m sure you can find them all over the world! Go check on out and support organic, local businesses!
  6. Go check out a museum! – Even better if it’s a museum about your local area! Museums are such a great way to spend the day and you can have so much fun learning about wondrous things! What could be better?! You can pack a lunch too for bonus points!
  7. Ice skating! – Ice skating has no environmental impact as far as I’m aware and can be a great, full-of-laughter, time to spend with your partner! Angela, my partner, and I have yet to go, but I know it will be fun! Similar to this is the roller rink, which is super fun, and gets you great exercise at the same time!
  8. Go hiking! – Go check out your local scenery on a walk or hike! Make sure you try not to disturb the natural habitats of the animals around the trail, however, and pick up trash on your way! Such a fun way to spend a day, especially if there is a wonderful lookout point at the end!
  9. Check out your local Farmer’s Market! – Farmers markets are a great way to support local businesses in your area. Check out the farms and vendors there and see which are the most low-impact on the environment!
  10. Go to a poetry reading! – You can find book and poetry readings at most libraries and book stores. They are a wonderful way to spend a quiet evening together enjoying local artists’ work!
  11. Check out a local open mic! – You don’t have to be a musician to enjoy an open mic! Go check out and support your local artists! These are usually held at bars or coffee shops!
  12. Go fruit picking at an organic farm! – See if there are any organic farms near you that have fruit picking! They taste delicious, you can make tons of awesome fruit desserts and snacks together with all the fantastic and organic produce you’ve picked together and support local, organic farms together!
  13. Watch the sunrise/sunset together! – The sunrise and sunsets are so gorgeous when you make time to go see them! Pack up a little basket of snacks and find a lookout point to enjoy it! Coffee and muffins or tea and biscuits make for a great sunrise breakfast! I suppose you could have tea or coffee with some dessert to see the sunset!
  14. Do a craft together! – Crafts are so much fun to do together, especially when paired with a few drinks! Enjoy being creative together and let your creative side go wild!
  15. Plant a little herb garden together! – Planting herbs is a great, relaxing way to get a taste of nature and let your creative side flow! There is nothing like home-grown, fresh, herbs to add that extra kick to your meals!

Well, I hope you liked these ideas and try them out! Make sure you come back and tell me what you think! Angela and I totally enjoy these dates together all the time and I know you will too!

Peace and Love,

M. Joy


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