Want To Have A Hippie Sanctuary In Your Room?

This is just a short post on some tips on turning your room into a hippie sanctuary!

Everyone wants to totally deck their room our with their style to make the place into a jive, calming (hopefully), sensual, and totally relaxing chill spot. Well, here are some tips, tricks, and resources to help you out!

  1. Add cool tapestries to your walls!
    • You can find totally cool tapestries many places but one you might not know of: Wish.com! Wish has some really cool stuff but they are a great place to find very hippie-esque tapestries at a really great price!
    • Make your own! You can get some really cool fabric from Walmart (though I dislike this place, they do have it at a great price), Micheal’s, or a local craft spot, or even online, at farmer’s markets, or at many other little stores and online shops. It’s super easy to either create a seem on each side, fold about an inch back, and sew it off to keep it from fraying, or you can cut 1″ wide and 3″ long strips all around the edges and tie knots then just pin this up on your wall, or create hanging tapestries with this tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SYeGHY6uFeI
    • Candles not only make your room smell great, they really add a lot to the ambiance of your space.
    • You can buy store-bought candles or make your own DIY Candle holders, I’ll probably post a DIY on this in the future.
  3. Posters and Black lights!
    • Even better BLACK LIGHT POSTERS! I LOVE black light posters and am looking forward to putting some of these up in my room in the near future.
    • These are super easy to find online on Wish or Amazon!
  4. Mood lighting!
    • Cool lighting in your room is a big plus in creating a relaxing environment in your domain. you can buy different colors of rope lights pretty inexpensively which look great around the top of your ceiling, around photos or around other items.
    • I personally love Christmas lights and buy them on sale after Christmas is over and just hang them around things in my room!
  5. A lava lamp!
    • Every hippie room needs a lava lamp! These are easy to find online or in stores like Spencer’s in the mall!
  6. If you like it, put it in there!
    • Your room should be all about what you like! Make it special, make it your own, and make it comfortable! especially if you plan to trip out in your domain, you want it to be comfortable, relaxing, and a safe place for you and any companions!

Hopefully you guys liked these tips and tricks and in the future I’m going to be posting some DIY projects and hopefully some Youtube videos to accompany them!

as always, peace and love!

Marissa Joy


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